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Designer clothing for the real woman that happens to be modest. Versatile, everyday chic Made in NY



Black Pencil Godet Skirt

Eve Emanuel

Black Pencil Godet Skirt

A skillfully made piece, our Calf  Length Black Pencil Godet Skirt. Made of 100% Heavywieght Stretch Cotton Sateen, it will contour your body for a true designer look. 

Pencil skirts have been very prevalent in the fashion world to date. This 50s wardrobe staple has always exuded extreme femininity, style and sophistication. You can find pencil skirts in any retail store today . But what makes our skirt stand out amongst the rest?

The answer is simple--shape and style with comfort. Most pencil skirts, while excellent to use to show off an hourglass figure; tend to fail the comfort challenge. They squeeze the very breath out of you as if they were actual corsets. But our Black Pencil Skirt achieves that hourglass figure look without depriving you of your precious oxygen.  We have our stretch heavyweight cotton to thank for this miraculous achievement! Another unique feature of this skirt is the Godet at the back allowing freedom of movement without comprmising on modesty and style. There you have it, a pencil skirt without all the infamous restrictiveness, and modest to boot!