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Designer clothing for the real woman that happens to be modest. Versatile, everyday chic Made in NY



MTJF WEAR|Clothing that ‘Just Happens to be Modest'

Eve Emanuel

MTJF WEAR|Clothing that ‘Just Happens to be Modest

Modest fashion is often misunderstood. It is placed in a box, with the perception that  “If you are modest you must want to wear a baggy dress, or maxi dress, or robe like structure that is willowy “


Well as a designer that caters to a modest market, I want to show that we designers can spread our wings.  I have set out to change that. With the inception of MTJFwear, a line of modest women's clothing that is chic, sartorial inspired, well crafted and constructed,  with a silhouette that shouts “woman” without being suggestive or sexy.

My story:

As a fashion designer,  I am interested in creating not just a product, but a story , as lifestyle designer brand with a true and steadfast brand message.  We as modest women are sophisticated and sensitive to quality cut and craftsmanship just like any other discerning fashionable woman. We as modest women are entitled to have designers represent us universally in the fashion arena, who  create clothing that has a strong brand message and idea. The brand should talk to all women regardless of religion . The fact they just happen to conform to certain guidelines should not be the shoutout factor. They… “just happen to be modest”

How did it all start?

I found myself on a cliff face every day that I wanted to get dressed . Faced with the choice of a maxi dress  frills and an elastic waist. In reality the garments were ill fitting, cheap in  quality and cut or extremely tight. Too  tight for my real woman's (slightly plump but NOT plus size ) figure.

Any skirt lengths that did  conform to my standards of modesty, were the most hideous of all - made of cheap polyester and cut as if to hang off the waistline like an item fit for a charity cast off . Also product quality had been declining over the years, (see other blog post_) and I was fed up of throwing out pieces after a year as they disintegrated in the wash due to either poor assembly or fabric quality.

So I started to sew my own clothing,  our story of More Than Just Fig Leaves starting with skirts.  First and foremost what started me off was to fulfill my own needs to have available hip classic yet trendy well made pieces.   That would stand a test of time and work as  building blocks basics, that to the laws of modesty were necessary for my lifestyle, and  to complement the fast fashionble pieces that I owned.

Secondly, I needed solid bread and butter pieces. Take a solid orange atreano  skirt  will sewn, with binding detail, etc. That can basically go with any t shirt, top, vest, sweatshirt etc. (show worn different ways.)

See here the pink silk skirt .. above.

Or velvet skirt

All wearable , edgy in cut and style, timeless enough to keep and use for many seasons and many occasions….