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1701 Ave P Basement Level Suite A
Brooklyn, NY, 11229

443 219 6853

Designer clothing for the real woman that happens to be modest. Versatile, everyday chic Made in NY


The Company

Fusing streetstyle edge with timeless elegance.


we create unique pieces for women who appreciate the difference between the beaten track and breaking boundaries

Our mission

More Than just Figleaves is a Brooklyn based clothing company designing and manufacturing locally made classic garments that have a distinctly European feel. Impeccable tailoring, luxurious detail and quality fabrics lend itself to pieces that feel off-the-runway and not off-the rack. The clothing has a modest air yet still feel completely fresh and will feel avant garde for years to come. 

Attention to detail

More Than Just Figleaves believes in the power of the well-appointed detail. The most head-turning looks can contribute their savoir faire to the almost imperceptible touches that exude luxury, quality and ingenuity.  The flawless finishes, superior craftsmanship, and hands-on approach during every stage of production , results in a a high end product that you can wear again and again


This leads us to our deep appreciation for our world its people and what goes on behind the process of production in your clothing. We are always looking for ways to rework existing products and have used scraps and fabric roll ends to create unique and beautiful couture pieces.

Urban roots

New York City has earned the title “Fashion Capital” not simply by the extraordinarily vibrant concentration of high-end designers, but because the industry has become a self-supporting ecosystem. From design to manufacture to retail, the entire process can happen within a few city blocks. In addition,using locally sourced materials, and local craftsmen to develop our product,, we hope to help in the effort to maintain American-manufactured product confidence .