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Designer clothing for the real woman that happens to be modest. Versatile, everyday chic Made in NY


More Than Just Figleaves- our brand

what we do

More Than Just Figleaves- our brand

Eve Emanuel

More Than Just Figleaves (MTJF) is a unique brand started by designer Eve Emanuel who had an idea to create chic, modest clothing designed with style and usability.  MTJF's ideals of  easy to wear, comfortable, versatile, classic, chic, and well-crafted clothing are concepts that many brands seem to forget. 

MTJF is comfortable, made with breathable fabrics. You are comfortable in our clothing without sacrificing style. Fashion with wearability is the key. So from pattern to development, the styles are fit on our fit model... only once she is comfortable and happy, we move on.

MTJF Clothing is versatile. Whether you are a busy stay at home mom chasing after your kids, or you are an executive ruling the boardroom. MTJF's selection of will fit any lifestyle. 

Ever get an amazing piece of clothing that you wear once, and can never wear again because it is out of style? You will never have to worry about that with More Than Just Figleaves. Our clothing  is classic yet modern. By using only the best patternmakers, cut, style, and timeless fashion are foremost in our minds.

We love NY! Unlike major brands, we take the time to make each order according to your preferences. We never ship our orders overseas, we are committed to working and sourcing in the USA.  

Our Clothing is made with great thought and craftsmanship. This makes for a unique product. Although more costly, producing in NYC ensures the best development and production; giving you a garment made with love and care straight from our hands to yours!


Here are some of our classic pieces - for timeless style all year long!

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